Help the needy project at khizra mosque

As part of our held the needy project over the previous weekend many of our young volunteers helped arrange food for the families who are in need in our locality. This month we are supporting 8-9 local families with food items for one month. We then received a call from another 2 local families and again our volunteers were able to provide food items for one month to these local families.

This is an opportunity for us to help those in need. We had several new volunteers helping out in this great project. We must be grateful to Allah SWT who has blessed us with an opportunity to help those in need. Many of our brothers and sisters regularly help with this project.


Eid drop off to homeless from khizra mosque volunteers

On Eid ul Adha a donation of large packs of hot cooked food and bottled water for 110 people was donated by Khizra mosque to a homeless shelter in the Cheetham hill area who provide food for over 100 people a day. This was provided from generous donations from brothers and sisters for this cause and our celebrating Eid in the community with those who are less fortunate than us. The service users include predominantly non Muslims and some Muslims. The staff and service users some of who are homeless and needy were very grateful for the food provided. May Allah accept this donation and help all those in difficulty in this world. Jazakallah khairun.


Basic life support (BLS) training

Khizra Mosque is pleased to announce that it took part in the national lifesavers event in association with BIMA and BHF. It was encouraging to see attendees young and old and male and female attending the event. The feedback was great and many had learnt many basic skills that could help those needing CPR. We plan to continue these events at our centre on a regular basis. This was a free event led by trained health professionals in this area.