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Khizra youth donate gifts to a care home on eid day

Our junior youth from khizra Mosque were out on eid day to give eid gifts to the local needy families who we provide food items to on a monthly basis. They bought these gifts and gave them to other children in the locality who were very happy with the gifts.

Our older youth at khizra spent some time raising money to buy gifts for a local care home. They gave up time on eid day to pack and then deliver these gifts to the care home. The youth boys helped pack the gifts and then the girls attended a local care home to give out these gifts to the local residents. The staff and residents were grateful for these gifts.

Well done to all those involved and may Allah accept it from them all. Jazakallah khair.



Help The Needy Project

At the end of Ramadan our volunteers were out shopping and buying food for the needy in our local community. We were able to support 13 families in the local area including a few families from other areas in greater Manchester. Thank you to all those who have made generous donations towards this much needed cause. This is a project in which we provide food to needy families in this area every month with one month supply of food. May Allah accept the effort and hard work of all involved and help those who are in need and struggling. Jazakallah khairun to all involved.


Visit to Khizra Mosque centre

Khizra Mosque has hosted several tours of the centre over the last few weeks. For one of our tours at Khizra Mosque we hosted some guests at the Mosque from salford who do some great work with youth and from pennine acute hospital who again are doing some fantastic work for the local communities at the trust and they were given a tour and had a presentation on the work the Mosque does in the community, for the whole community for both Muslims and non Muslims. We thank our guests for taking the time out to visit us. We host regular tours and if ever interested to visit as a school/institute/group or anyone else please visit our website and send an email of interest to or fill in online form under online visit booking forms on the website.


Diabetes Talk
We were pleased to host two talks at the centre on safer fasting in Ramadan with diabetes. This was an opportunity to listen to specialists talk about diabetes and learn about this condition and have an interactive discussion. The talks were interactive and enjoyed and beneficial to the community. Macmillan Team Attend Khizra
We had a team of Macmillan nurses attend the centre to give out information packs about cancer support with information on how to gain access in the community. This session was very useful.

Dying matters launch with Pennine Acute Hospitals
Khizra Mosque was involved in the launch of this excellent initiative by pennine acute hospitals with visits to the mosque by members of staff from pennine acute and general public. This was an opportunity to interact with other and learn.

Help The Needy Project
This month again our volunteers have been shopping to buy food items for our needy families in the locality and beyond. This month we are supplying food items to 15 families with one months food items. Our volunteers were at the ferret in the day sorting out food items and arranging delivery to the needy families. We would like to thank our volunteers who have taken time out on Saturday for this great cause whilst they are fasting and May Allah reward them for all their efforts and hard work and accept this good work. Jazakallah khair.

Another student from Khizra Mosque completes Hifz of the Quran
Khizra Mosque is pleased to announce that one of its students Hamza from Hifz Class has completed the Hifz of the Quran today and recited the final few verses to complete his hifz before the tarawih prayer in the blessed month of Ramadan. This is an excellent achievement by this young student who has joined a list of other boys and girls who have completed Hifz of the Quran from Khizra Mosque Supplementary School. Congratulations to Hamza, his parents, teachers and all others involved. Well done on this great achievement.

Arabic classes
We continue our Arabic classes at Khizra Mosque following the Madina Arabic series books. We are starting GCSE Arabic after Ramadan and will continue with the other books. We have capacity to take more students and if interested please contact our admin team at the centre. Tajweed classes
We held level 1 tajweed classes earlier in the year and these will continue after Ramadan helping students of the Quran read the Quran in a correct manner. This is a free course held at the centre and led by a qualified teacher of the Quran.

Health education
Khizra Mosque was pleased to host a session at the centre with a charity MIND where we had a healthy breakfast and a discussion on the health aspects of a healthy mind and physical well being.


Debate club at Khizra Mosque

In preparation for the upcoming DebateMate competition, an inaugural debate was hosted on Friday to allow students to practice presenting their argument to their teachers and fellow peers.
The four panellists comprised of regular attendees of Debate club, with two members arguing a motion.
After a week of diligently preparing, the students confidently presented their arguments with the intent of swaying the audience to their side. The audience were given the opportunity to pose their questions and comments.
We hold regular debate clubs at the Centre from 7pm-8pm every Monday.


Clean up day at Khizra Mosque and surrounding streets 

The Great British Spring clean 2017 is took place all over the country. khizra mosque also participated in this event, our volunteers and scouts teams met on Sunday 12th March 2017 at the Centre to help clean in the vicinity.  As muslims It is very important we look after the area we live in and keep it clean.


The Bogle Stroll 2017 with rest station at Khizra Mosque

Khizra Mosque hosted the charity walk held on the night of 10th March 2017. The community hall was used as a rest place for those taking part in the 55km walk. The guests were grateful and enjoyed
Recently we provided support to ‘The Bogle Stroll 2017’ charity, by allowing the community hall to be used as a checkpoint for the very tired walkers who enjoyed a quick break, food and drinks.
They have so far from the event raised £10,000 but are expecting a  greater total, as several have not yet shared their total amounts yet. The money will go towards 23 different charities, with several of them being local charities including Booth Centre, The Message Trust and Wigan & Leigh Hospice, as well as wider reach charities Cancer Research UK and Hope For Children among others.
The 2017 Bogle was the 56th time the event has run, with walkers attempting the 55 mile walk since 1961.


Blood donation registration at Khizra Mosque 

We held another blood donation registration stall at khizra Mosque. This was an opportunity to register to donate blood  at an event to be held in the coming months. This is an opportunity to save someone’s life. Please attend our upcoming events for registration for blood donation.


Tennis club at Khizra Mosque

Khizra Mosque was recently shortlisted as one of the four nominees of the British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards. We are proud to announce we are a satellite centre for indoor tennis in the UK. As part of the SERVES programme, sessions take place in the faith centre and over ten volunteers have been trained to become Tennis Activators.


Clothes donation jackets and food drop

Khizra Mosque volunteers were busy recently delivering food to local needy families for the month of March. This is a project in which we buy food items for a month supply for local needy families and donate every month through generous donations from brothers and sisters in the community. We also donated some brand new jackets that had been donated to the homeless in the locality. May Allah accept this from all insha’allah.


Ansar Foundation talk at Khizra Mosque 

We had a visit from Ansar foundation who came to the mosque to talk about interest free loans and how you could go about acquiring this. This was an important and interesting session looking at how this is possible via their organization.

GM Citizens talk with upcoming Mayor election

Khizra Mosque have been working closely with GM Citizens who are a broad-based community organisation working in Greater Manchester to strengthen the community through development and empowering it.

In May 2017, communities across Greater Manchester will decide who takes office as the first ever Mayor for our region. S/he will lead decisions on transport, social care, housing, young people, skills and public sector reform which will significantly affect the lives and prospects of people across our communities.

Citizens UK and Khizra Masjid invite you to join us on (Bank holiday) Monday 1st May 2017 ( 2-4pm ) as we seek pledges from the main Mayoral Candidates to those priorities at the Lowry in Salford.

The event will be a joyful celebration also seek to establish a public and accountable relationship with whoever becomes our Mayor on a common good agenda. Please be a part of the event by attending with all the family. Please contact us for more details.


Stroke talk khizra Mosque

We recently held a talk on stroke which was well attended and proved to be beneficial to those who attended from the community. The was an interactive discussion on this important topic.


Fostering stall at Khizra Mosque

We recently held a stall at the centre in association with Manchester city council for fostering and opportunity to recruit foster parents for this noble chase. It was a successful event with many people coming forward and showing an interest in fostering. We hope to have more such events at the centre and help to create awareness for this important topic.

Mind wellbeing session at Khizra Mosque

‘Mind’ the charity attended Khizra Masjid earlier today, they delivered a talk as part of the ‘Get active, feel good’ initiative.

The session was on wellbeing, how getting active can improve your mood and help you to feel more relaxed.

‘Getting active makes  you feel good both inside and out’


Reflections from the Quran at Khizra Mosque

We continue our monthly series of talks on this important subject with a talk on surah Ad-Dhuha a cure to depression. This was a useful session with benefit to those who attended. We continue next month in May 2017 on the first Friday of the month on the important topic of Ramadan – the month of mercy. Please do attend and benefit from these important sessions.

Youth club at Khizra Mosque

We continue regular activities at the centre for the youth. We recently held a qiyam ul Layl with lots of activities and interactive workshops for our youth. The event was filled with lots of interactive group games and interactive talks on our youth improving their character and conduct and having good role models and it’s important for the future of our youth.


GMP visit to Khizra Mosque 

Recently at the Mosque a visit from the newly recruited employees of GMP. Many had never visited a mosque before and were grateful for the opportunity.


Community cycling at Khizra Mosque

On Sunday 26.3.17 the community cycling club was out again.

A very good ride around Cheetham and Salford, along with a pit stop at Pure Gym on Bury New Road for a quick rest, drink and few bicep curls.

The next ride will be on the last Sunday in April at 10.00am and the meeting point again junction of Brideoak Street and Cheetham hill Road.


Spring playscheme at Khizra Mosque 

We recently held a playscheme at khizra Mosque with free activities for local youth and children. This playscheme was open to everyone in the community. We had 2 weeks of free activities which included table sports, art and craft activities and much more. The playscheme finished with a small party on the final day and certificates for all the attendees. We had playscheme for the boys and girls aged 6-15 years.


Falls and dizziness talk at Khizra Mosque

An interactive talk held on “Falls and Dizziness” at Khizra Mosque with Dr Iqbal a consultant specialist in audio-vestibular medicine on 25th March 2017. This interactive session was well received and enjoyed by the attendees. Jazakallah khairun


Help needy food drop from Khizra Mosque

This month we delivered food to local families again in the community and beyond with a month supply of food items especially those needy families. This month we provided food to 11 families with some outside our locality in other parts of greater Manchester. This is an excellent project that is only possible with generous donations of those who have donated for this project. This is much needed project that helps those in the community irrespective of whether they are Muslim or non Muslim. May Allah accept the efforts of our volunteers and those who donate and may Allah accept this from all. Jazakallah khairun


Mosque open day at Khizra Mosque

#VisitMyMosque Open Day

Khizra Mosque participated in the MCB’s led #VisitMyMosque today and opened its doors to the wider community who enjoyed a short programme with speeches, exhibitions, mosque tour, henna painting, calligraphy and a group performance by children from the supplementary school.

There was a very good turn out as we had visitors from all corners of Greater Manchester visit us and from as far as Cumbria. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day which saw some people enter a mosque for the first time and others visiting Khizra for the first time. There were a number of dignitaries that spoke at the event and how such events were important in helping improve understanding, creating dialogue, breaking down barriers and building good relationships.

Thank you to everyone for attending today and thank you to all the volunteers that made it happen. It was great to see you all and I hope to see you all again.


Hate crime awareness week events held at Khizra Mosque

As ‘Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017’ comes to an end, we reflect on the weeks events.

Our volunteers at ‘Communities for All & Khizra Mosque’ campaigned throughout the week In order to reach out to the local community and promote the significance of reporting hate crimes. A Hate Crime is ‘any criminal offence that is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s characteristic or perceived characteristic’ (HCAW, 2015).

As a third party reporting centre, we work alongside local authorities to tackle hate crimes and support victims of this particular crime, regardless of race, religion, age, sex or gender.

So if you have suffered, or know of any one who has fallen victim to any forms of hate crime, please report to us immediately!

Methods of reporting are listed below:

Call the Greater Manchester Police on 101
Call Manchester City Council on 0800 083 0007
Report anonymously via the ‘True Vision’ website online at
Contact a Third Party Reporting Centre


Diabetes eye disease talk at Khizra Mosque

We had guest speakers from the charity Action for Blind People working on a project to raise awareness of diabetes and the importance of regular eye tests in helping to prevent sight loss.

The North Manchester Eye Health Champions Project aims to benefit at least 3,000 people who are at risk of sight loss, focusing support on people from South Asian or African and Caribbean descent who have a greater risk of developing diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. This was an opportunity for people to come and learn about the importance of eye testing and the risks it can cause if ignored or done on a regular basis. We also had free health checks at the event.


Dementia talk at khizra Mosque

Recently we held a talk at khizra Mosque on the important subject of dementia. It was good to see our audience engage in the discussion and actively participate in this interactive session. We had a good turnout of those who were keen to learn about this important condition. We continue our health awareness sessions on a regular basis. Thank you.


Khizra Mosque Supplementary School receives Bronze award

Khizra Mosque is pleased to announce that its Supplementary School has been given the Quality Framework Bronze award of achievement  by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education. This was in collaboration with the Manchester council following a review of the school and an appreciation of the good learning environment created at Khizra Mosque Supplementary School.

Congratulations and well done to all the staff, admin, pupils and parents at Khizra Mosque. We hope this can be the start of many more awards in the coming future.


Scouts at Khizra

466 Manchester Khizra Beavers learned about looking after the environment and the importance of not dropping litter. During the session they went for a litter pick and managed to fill 2 bags full of rubbish! They also finished their poster making competition for Autumn with the orange team just winning by a small margin.

If your children would like to participate, why not bring then along to our beavers sessions a every Sunday 11-12 in the community hall. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch also.


Paediatric Basic Life Support event at Khizra Mosque

We continue with health awareness events at Khizra Mosque and recently held a session and had an excellent turnout with almost 70 people turn out to attend this event with lots of positive feedback and lots of basic skills learnt by the attendees. We had special guests to facilitate this session and was beneficial and well received. We have several events planned in the coming weeks and hope more can attend and benefit from these sessions. Jazakallah khairun.


Homeless drop to homeless on the streets

Recently our volunteers from khizra Mosque were out on the streets in Manchester city Centre handing out icare winter packs and new warm jackets to those less fortunate and struggling in the streets in the bitter cold.

This was another opportunity to help those who are less fortunate than us in this community. It was truly touching to provide much needed winter packs to the homeless living rough in our city and struggling in this cold.

We pray Allah accepts this donation and effort from all the volunteers involved in any part of this great work and eases the difficulty of those in need.


Community cycling club at Khizra Mosque

This weekend we started the new community cycling club at the centre.

This particular session was to train the attendees so they are equipped to take groups from the local community on a community based ride under their supervision.

The trainers on hand were from Cycling UK along with a member from Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

The next step now is for you or anyone you know to get on your bike and join us on the next scheduled ride which will be end of this month and every month there on.

Its a great way to get fit or stay healthy, so it might be time to invest in a set of wheels and give cycling a go.

Everyone is welcome as it is steady paced for whatever your experience or expertise.  Please do get in touch for more information.


Blood donation registration at the centre

We recently held 2 blood donation registration sessions at the centre. We were able to register 130 people over these 2 sessions. We hope to hold a clinic in February at the centre where blood donation will take place.

Homeless drop to homeless shelter 

Recently our volunteers at khizra Mosque dropped off long life food items which we collect every month along with winter packs containing jackets provided by iCare to a homeless shelter in north Manchester. These winter packs were purchased through generous donations by our brothers and sisters for this project. We would like to thank everyone that donated the food items and money for these icare winter packs especially our generous sisters who donated a significant amount along with many food items. We also had a generous brother who donated many brand new warm jackets for the homeless.

The staff at the homeless Centre were grateful and said these items will be given out as soon as possible to homeless service users at the Centre and beyond.

We provide long life food every month to local families and to homeless people via your generous donations. Please continue to donate food items for the needy in the locality with donation of long life items into our food storage containers located near the reception at Khizra Mosque.


Khizra Mosque shortlisted for Tennis Foundation Special Recognition Award. 

The Tennis Foundation Special Recognition Award recognises those (either individuals or community groups) who are working to take sport to a different and new audience within their community. This year the four nominations for the award are Tennis Foundation SERVES sites.

Sol Campbell (former England international football player) today threw his support behind the Tennis Foundation Special Recognition Award at the Lycamobile British Ethnic Diversity Sport Awards (BEDSAs).

There are currently 55 SERVES sites across the country, with four nominated for the Tennis Foundation Special Recognition Award including Khizra Mosque which uses tennis to engage with the local communities.

Organised by Sporting Equals, the 2017 LycaMobile BEDSAs will once again celebrate excellence among Britain’s outstanding Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, with the awards taking place on March 18 at the London Hilton in Mayfair.

Khizra Mosque is pleased to have been shortlisted for this excellent award and invited to london for the event and are grateful to all those who have helped in shortlisting them for this award. Thank you.


Appreciation award

The UKIM were honoured to be invited by Mosaic, part of the Prince’s Trust, to a special lunch on 19th January 2017 along with other supporters, business leaders mentor’s and young people where an announcement was made as to the Mentor of the Year.

Also in attendance were special guests HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan, the Founder Chairman of Mosaic, as well as Mosaic’s current Chairman Shabir Randeree CBE.

The announcement of the 2016 Mosaic Princess Badiya Mentor of the Year, an award established in honour of HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan recognises the commitment made by dedicated mentors who volunteer their time and skills mentoring young people from deprived communities to help them realise their talents and potential.

Those in attendance heard first hand the positive impact the Mosaic programmes had on young people and how in some cases they transformed the lives of those going through them.

The UKIM were specifically thanked and given an award as a token of appreciation for their continued support in helping deliver the Mosaic project  where around 8000 young people, largely Muslim children, go through and benefit from the mentoring programme.